Vegan Restaurants in Boise: 8 Best Places to Eat

As a vegan for eight years, when my family moved to Boise four years ago, we were worried that we wouldn’t have many options. We loved the weather and outdoor activities so much that it didn’t stop us from moving. Luckily, we found plenty of go-to places with vegan-friendly meals here in the Treasure Valley. Most of these places support both vegan and omnivores, but we have found a couple of completely vegan restaurants in Boise. We also found restaurants that work well for people looking for dairy-free in Boise, egg-free in Boise, or just general allergy-friendly restaurants in Boise.

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Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, have allergies, or are just vegan-curious, these restaurants will help you eat out anytime!

Fully Vegan Restaurants in Boise

High Note Café

Located in Downtown Boise, High Note Café is a vegan staple. This cozy restaurant boasts from scratch and locally-sourced ingredients which they turn into a variety of delicious, homemade dishes. They even have a vegan kids’ menu! If you are looking for a great restaurant with a variety of vegan options, this is the place to go.

Oh Vegan Soul

Oh Vegan Soul is located in Chow Public Market on Overland. We love the homestyle soul food and large servings. Since it’s in Chow Public Market, you can get a drink while you enjoy your meal.

Vegan in Boise: 8 Best Places to Eat

Restaurants with Vegan Options

Mai Thai (Boise) and Uncle Chai Bento Kitchen (Meridian)

Mai Thai is an upscale restaurant that offers vegan options on the menu. My son is obsessed with the Goddess Rolls! After a kitchen fire in 2023, the Downtown Boise location has been closed pending repairs. A secondary location, Uncle Chai Bento Kitchen, was opened in Meridian with takeout options. It also has plenty of on-menu vegan options.

Café Yumm

Café Yumm is located in Eagle at Lakemoor. The amazing, delicious Yumm Sauce is a creamy cashew-based sauce that is naturally vegan. You can buy it by the bottle and take it home! The Yumm bowls can be ordered “vegan style” where you can choose to add extra avocado or extra carrots/cabbage at no charge. We also love to add Southwest tofu to our bowls to add some extra protein. Another bonus about Cafe Yumm is the drive-through. You can pick up your vegan dinner without leaving your car!

Guru Donuts (Locations in Boise and Eagle)

Guru Donuts offers vegan, gluten-free, and vegan/gluten-free donuts along with an assortment of regular donuts. Both of my kids have chosen vegan Guru donuts instead of cake at their birthday parties!

Big Bun Drive-In

Big Bun Drive-In has local, vegan fast-food burgers along with fries, shakes, and ice cream sandwiches. You can dine at the covered patio or order conveniently at the drive-through. We love to swing by to order a great vegan burger and dessert!

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BBQ for Life

BBQ for Life has a variety of on menu vegan choices, including vegan sandwiches and desserts. As of this posting, there were five vegan sandwich options and five (that’s right, five) different vegan dessert options on menu!

Warehouse Food Hall

Honorable mention goes to Warehouse Food Hall in Downtown Boise. While this isn’t a restaurant per se, it’s a collection of restaurants with plenty of seating and entertainment. They offer happy hour Sunday through Thursday, trivia night on Tuesdays, and live music on Thursdays as well as other entertainment that you can find on the website. There are plenty of vegan options at Rush Bowls, KB’s Burrito, Paddles Up Poke, and Anzalone Pizza (ask for a cheeseless option to make it vegan).

Overall, we’ve found plenty of vegan restaurants in Boise and love to continually explore to find more!

Where is your favorite place to eat vegan in Boise?

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