Become a Leader for the Boise Mom Community & Conversations Group

Are you passionate about creating connections, supporting fellow moms, and making a positive impact in your community? If so, we want YOU to join us as a volunteer leader for the Boise Mom Facebook group! Learn more about the group here.

Our community is growing, and we’re looking for dedicated volunteers who are excited to create a supportive environment for all moms in Boise. As a volunteer leader, you’ll do a few things:

  • Help plan and attend in-person playdates and meet-ups
  • Help manage the Boise Mom Community & Conversations Facebook group
That means actively engaging with members, facilitating conversations, and creating opportunities for connection.

This is a volunteer position, but there are a few benefits:

  • Your photo and bio on the Boise Mom Meet Our Team page (with links to your personal blog, business, and/or social media handles if you choose to share them)
  • A professional headshot and team photo shoot with Boise Mom
  • Potential opportunity to test products, attend business openings, and/or visit local businesses for review purposes
  • Coffee shop meet-ups, hugs, and new friends!

If you are interested, please fill out the form below.

How would you describe your social media involvement?
Let us know about your work status.

Jaclyn Burns
Meet Jaclyn, a Boise native through and through. She is a SAHM and a Realtor specializing in first time home buyers. After spending 4 years in Europe, Jaclyn married the love of her life, Tom. They have a daughter named Kennedy whom is bravely battling a VSD (small hole in her heart). Jaclyn enjoys exploring Boise's greenbelt, sampling local brews, and spending time outdoors with her family. Being an introverted extrovert, she is the life of the party until it’s time to recharge her batteries. With Jaclyn around you can ensure there are always good vibes and laughter- lots of laughter.


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