Family-Friendly Hot Springs Adventures Near Boise

Boise is surrounded by picturesque landscapes and natural wonders, including a variety of hot springs perfect for family outings. Soak in the relaxing mineral-rich waters while surrounded by stunning scenery. This guide will help you discover family-friendly hot springs near Boise, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

The Springs at Idaho City

Location: Idaho City (approx. 1 hour from Boise)

A natural retreat that can be combined with a hotel stay at the Inn The Pines. You can even rent private tubs–adults only. Children are welcome on weekends.

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Kirkham Hot Springs

Location: Lowman, ID (approx. 1.5 hours from Boise)

Nestled along the South Fork of the Payette River, Kirkham Springs offers a unique experience for families. The pools are terraced along the river, and the temperature can be adjusted by moving closer or farther from the source. The scenic drive and the natural setting make it an ideal day trip for families seeking a peaceful retreat.

Bonneville Hot Springs

Location: Near Lowman, ID (approx. 2 hours from Boise)

Tucked away in the Boise National Forest, Bonneville Hot Springs provides a family-friendly atmosphere with a variety of pools at different temperatures. The natural setting allows kids to explore the surroundings while parents relax in the soothing waters. Remember to bring water shoes, as the pools are sometimes rocky.

Family-Friendly Hot Springs Adventures Near BoisePine Flats Hot Springs

Location: Featherville, ID (approx. 2 hours from Boise)

Pine Flats Hot Springs, situated along the South Fork of the Boise River, offers a serene and family-friendly environment. The pools are easily accessible, and the short hike to reach them adds a sense of adventure for the kids. The natural pools are well-maintained and have breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Gold Fork Hot Springs

Location: Donnelly, ID (approx. 2 hours from Boise)

Gold Fork is worth the drive for families seeking a more developed hot springs experience. The facility features multiple pools with varying temperatures, making it suitable for all ages. The landscaped grounds and changing facilities add to the family-friendly amenities.

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Silver Creek Plunge

Location: Garden Valley, ID (approx. 2 hours from Boise)

Since 1957, Silver Creek Plunge has been providing a family-friendly camping experience that offers a geothermal swimming pool, fishing, hiking, and amazing star-gazing beneath the Idaho mountain sky. It sits on 13 acres of forested land surrounded by the beautiful Boise National Forest with Silver Creek running through the heart of the campground.

Tips for a Family-Friendly Adventure

  • Check Regulations: Ensure you’re aware of any rules or regulations at each hot spring location. Check hours and age restrictions. Some require a quiet atmosphere–whispers only.
  • Bring Essentials: Pack towels, water shoes, snacks, and plenty of water.
  • Timing Matters: Consider going during off-peak hours or weekdays to avoid crowds.
    Respect Nature: Teach children to respect the environment and wildlife around the hot springs.

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life with a family-friendly hot springs adventure near Boise. These natural gems provide a perfect balance of relaxation and outdoor exploration for parents and kids alike. Enjoy the soothing waters and breathtaking scenery while creating lasting memories with your family.


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