Free Things to Do in Boise in the Summer

As summer quickly approaches, I’m sure you are looking for plenty of activities to do. Here are seven free things to do in Boise in the summer that will keep the whole family entertained.

With our beautiful and long summer days, these fun outdoor activities will make the whole family happy. When you are looking for entertainment on a budget or when you just want to get the family outside, these ideas are the perfect solution.

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Bike (or Walk) the Greenbelt

No matter where you are in Boise, the Greenbelt won’t be far. This 25-mile path follows the Boise River for a scenic and enjoyable walk or bike. This is a great option when you want to get out of the house for a bit and explore. Our family loves to walk around behind the Garden City Library. There’s plenty of shade, and we can get our books and board games beforehand.

Picnic at a Park

My favorites are Ann Morrison, Julia Davis, Kathryn Albertson, and Camels Back Park.

Take a picnic to one of our many beautiful parks. There are a wide variety of large parks in the Boise area. They have plenty of space for the kids to run, play structures, walking paths, and even frisbee golf!

Swim at the Sandy Point Beach

If you haven’t already been to Sandy Point Beach up at Lucky Peak State Park, this is a must visit place. You get the enjoyment of a beach with in-water toys, a water fountain, and snacks.

Free Things to Do in Boise in the Summer: Sandy Point Beach

Paddleboard at Quinn’s Pond

Ok, this one is free if you already own a paddleboard. We purchased kid-sized paddleboards three years ago and they are all still working great. You can paddleboard at Quinn’s Pond, Sandy Point, and most of the lakes in the area. This is such a fun sport that gets everyone outside, in the water, and moving!

Boise in the Summer: Paddleboarding at Quinn's Pond

Explore Freak Alley Downtown

Next time you head Downtown, don’t forget to visit Freak Alley. This multi-artist outdoor gallery is located in an alley in downtown Boise and features works of art from a variety of artists.

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Discover Nature

The MK Nature Center is 4.6 acres with a walking path, plenty of wildlife, and an informative visitor’s center. If you want your kids to “accidentally” learn something, this is a great place to visit over the summer.

Chief Eagle Eye Reserve is 49 acres and is located in Boise’s East End. This beautiful area features many plant species, birds, and other critters.

Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve is located in Boise’s West End. This quiet, 53 acre reserve has birds and gorgeous paths to explore right in the city.

Free Things to Do in Boise in the Summer: Hyatt Hidden Lake Reserve

Find a Waterfall

After a 1-mile hike along a stream, you’ll find the refreshing and beautiful waterfall of Jump Creek!

Boise in the Summer: Jump Creek Falls

With your free summer activity list in hand, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Boise in the summer. Whether you are looking for free things to do in Boise or just want some new ideas, this list will help you and your family have plenty of fun this summer!

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Erin Rodriguez
Erin and her husband have two kids (2012 and 2013) who keep them very busy. Her family moved to Boise in 2020 from Phoenix and love the four seasons and the many outdoor activities. When she's not driving her kids around to multiple sports, you can find her practicing aerial arts or simply reading a book. Erin loves to travel with her family as often as possible. She is delighted to be a part of Boise Mom and can't wait to share her experiences with moms in the Treasure Valley.


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