Tips to Cultivate a Fitness Routine After Kids

Cultivating a sustainable and regular fitness routine after kids is something that most of my mom clients struggle with. I can relate as a mom myself! Thankfully I have watched my clients and experimented in building a sustainable fitness routine. Here are some great ways to get on that fitness wagon and ride it forever!


The YMCA is my personal favorite way to make sure I get my workouts in. All YMCAs have two hours of childcare (called Kid Zone) a day for around $35 a month. They provide financial assistance for this service as well as for adult memberships. I paid $7 a month as a poor college student! The childcare staff is excellent, so you can be sure your baby/kid is in good hands. They take babies as young as six weeks.

While your little one is in Kid Zone, the YMCA offers classes. All classes are included in your membership, like yoga, core, weight lifting, and dance as well as weight/cardio rooms. Classes are a great way to start your fitness journey as many of them are fun (a key ingredient in cultivating a sustainable fitness routine!). Just need a little alone time? They also have showers and a sauna (yes, it is acceptable to go to the gym and not workout once in a while).

Work Out with Your Little One

If you prefer to make working out a chance for quality time with your kiddos, there are several resources in the Treasure Valley. All companies below are run by moms and offer varied activities to suit your movement preferences. Not only are you cultivating your own exercise habit, but you are also teaching your kiddos the importance of movement. 

Check out Fit4Mom, Jillian Woods Yoga, The Mom Walk Collective Boise, (there is also a Meridian and Nampa collective), Barre3, and Hollywood Market Yoga.

Cultivating a Fitness Routine After Kids
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Online or In-Person Personal Training

I have found that another challenge for those seeking to cultivate a fitness routine after kids is accountability. Some can find this accountability by inviting a committed friend to workout. Some need a bit more skin in the game and have success hiring a personal trainer to keep them accountable in reaching their goals. In-person personal training can be found at any gym. You can also do online personal training which is effective and convenient as you don’t have to commute anywhere. If you want to accomplish a certain goal, choose your personal trainer based on their experience/specialty, such as, weight loss, longevity, healing from injury, pre/postnatal, or muscle growth. It may take a while to find the right personal trainer, but your persistence can result in finding your way to regular exercise.

Ask for Help

This is possibly the most important piece of cultivating a fitness routine after kids!

It takes a village, not only for your kids but also for you to get to the gym! Chat with your partner about your desire to start an exercise routine and why doing so is important to you. Discuss with them how they can help you accomplish this. Maybe they can get the kids ready for the day or put the kids to bed two or three times a week so you can exercise.

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Other options are asking grandparents, siblings, or other family members to babysit for an hour or two a week on specific days/times that work for you both. The more you can make this arrangement a routine weekly event, the better (it makes communication simpler). If you have a friend with a kiddo, see if they would be interested in exchanging babysitting duties. 

If you need further help cultivating an exercise routine after kids, please reach out. I would be happy to help you form a plan for a healthier and happier fit future!

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