Spring Is Here: Cherishing the Seasons of Motherhood

The transitional seasons can often feel fleeting here in Boise. Between the inversions or second and third Winter, it’s easy to miss the signs, but Spring is here! If you don’t believe me, run to the Greenbelt yourself and see. There are signs of new growth everywhere.

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I must admit that I didn’t love Spring until I became a parent, instead preferring seasons like the fun of Summer or the activities of Fall. I often felt myself wanting to skip it. And I didn’t fully appreciate it until I felt like life itself was speeding past me. Funny how having kids does that to you.

Spring Is Here: Cherishing Each Season of MotherhoodIn the hustle and bustle of the active seasons of life, it can be easy to miss the signs that our kids are growing up. I remember the first year I felt myself neeeeeeding Spring. Our youngest had potty trained and joined his brother for his first year of preschool. Our oldest was in Kindergarten, doing dance classes, and playing volleyball on a team with her friends.

There was lots of change around us, and we found ourselves in survival mode.

Winter itself is a season of survival. With three kids, we were running from one place to the next, and all the excitement felt like winter storm after winter storm. We were surviving the busy season by simply bracing for the next storm. When I finally paused to take it all in, I realized that all three of my kids were in school—something I had only dreamed of during the early days of having three under three!

My daughter was showing more interest in friend-focused activities, my middle son was starting to show his personality more, and our little son had caught up to his brother in size. When had all this happened?

Recognizing the signs that Spring is near is a lot like taking those moments to cherish how much our kids have grown. Spring doesn’t necessarily stop the madness of life, but it allows for more time dedicated to being together. Going for walks, exploring the Greenbelt, playing in the parks, or meeting up with friends on the playground.

I hope we all take a moment to pause and reflect, to cherish how our kids have grown. Like the changing of seasons, notice how they’ve changed too. They’ve gotten a little taller, gained a little more independence, and grown in self-confidence. I hope we spend dedicated, undistracted time together.

Connection and quality time are what Spring now means to me, so I have learned to not only enjoy it but to look forward to it after all. Pay attention, it all goes by quickly!

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Penélope Larsen
Penélope hails from the Dominican Republic and grew up in Richmond, Virginia. She studied business, hospitality and tourism management, psychology, and marketing, earning degrees from Idaho State University and Brigham Young University-Hawai'i, where she met her Boise native husband. Exploring the Greenbelt with her husband and 3 children is Penélope's favorite Boise activity. Part of her mission in founding her training and travel business - DIA Group is to help others develop self-acceptance, increase professional skills, grow confidence in personal communication, and connect with communities through Discovery, Immersion, and Amplification.


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