I Love Coming Home to a Clean Home Thanks to My Housekeeper

I love coming home to a clean home. Especially one that I didn’t have to clean. I wish I could say the all-consuming initiation into motherhood caused my need for a house cleaner. However, that would be a lie. Confession: I’ve had quarterly cleans for over three years because I truly cannot be bothered. I’d rather do so many other things than clean my house. Before my son, it was working a gazillion hours, girl trips, and quite literally anything else.

Then came pregnancy. Who has time to clean when all you do is puke and sleep? 

During the postpartum planning process, our midwife asked us to fill out a worksheet. One of the questions was “Who will be doing the cleaning?” It was a no-brainer for me. I wrote “our housecleaner.” It was such a relief and a weight off my shoulders knowing it wasn’t going to be me. As soon as we left the appointment, I texted our cleaner and scheduled biweekly cleans after the birth of our son. 

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Now that I have a 14-month-old son, I’m out here every day, multiple times a day, vacuuming up snack dust and chunks of banana.

My husband mops our floors each night where puree, banana, or noodles have fallen to the floor. The spit up, the milk spills, the bodily fluids, the sticky food puddles–it’s a constant effort of wiping. So the last thing I want to do when I have a second is scrub a toilet, wipe down a mirror, or deep clean my sinks. I treasure those precious “free” moments.

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And this is why our house cleaning company is a monthly visitor to our home. Not only for the routine cleans but for the times when . . .  DANG my fridge has some horrific spills, my oven is a grease trap, my baseboards need love, or my blinds have a layer of film. And I have no time or energy to even get started. 

Walking in and seeing those crisp vacuum lines on the carpet and the spit-free mirrors fills me with joy and a sense of relief. I’m able to take a deep breath because the internal pressure of needing to clean has been removed from my shoulders. Having my home cleaned when I was freshly postpartum was such a blessing to me. When I’m invited to a baby shower, I skip the registry and instead give a gift card from my house cleaner. Because seriously, who has time to clean when you have a newborn to snuggle?

With the weather heating up, I want to be outside soaking up the sunshine. 

I want to spend every ounce of my free time walking, hiking, swimming, playing, and enjoying the summer with my toddler. I want to eat on a patio, and I want to explore Farmers’ Markets. This summer, I want to play with my son in splash pads. I want to go on vacation and have loved ones stay with us. And I want to enjoy all of it without the stress of having to deep clean my home. Having help with my cleaning enables me to be more present where I am. 

Let’s face it, you’re busy!

You’re constantly juggling and multitasking with a never-ending to-do list. Give yourself a break and hire someone to deep clean your home. We love and adore locally-owned and operated Miss Mack’s Cleaning! We’ve been using Miss Mack’s for almost two years. They’ve completed deep cleans, routine cleans, move-in cleans, and everything in between. I trust them to make my life easier. Other highly-rated cleaners include Boise Cleaning Fairy, Fabulously Clean Boise, The Cleaning Authority, ProTouch Cleaners, and many more.

Find a cleaning company that you trust, and check deep cleaning the toilets off your to-do list. 

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Charlotte Salviejo
Charlotte moved to Boise to finish her business degree at Boise State University in 2011. She fell in love with the Treasure Valley & it quickly became home. In the fall of 2020, she married her husband, Alex, a Boise native. They welcomed their precious son, Luca in April 2023. During the day, Charlotte works as a marketing associate for a property management company. In her free time, Charlotte can be found moonlighting as a bartender/server, attending church & Bible study, heading to a workout class, or walking with a friend. Follow Charlotte on Instagram.


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