Middleton Moving Guide

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About Middleton

Founded in the early 1860s, Middleton, Idaho, boasts a rich history steeped in agriculture and community. Originally settled by pioneers in search of fertile land and opportunity, Middleton has grown into a thriving town while preserving its rural charm. Named after its founder, John Middleton, the town served as a crucial midpoint for travelers on the Oregon Trail, offering a rest stop for those heading to Keeney’s Ferry. Middleton’s historical significance is marked by the establishment of a stage station during the Oregon Trail era, a post office in 1866, and a water-powered grist mill in 1871.

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Today, Middleton is a city in Canyon County, Idaho, and a suburb of Boise. It’s located in the Treasure Valley, 20 miles from downtown Boise, and has views of two mountain ranges, The Owyhee Mountains and the Boise Mountains.

General Information

Middleton is a small town, yet one of Idaho’s fastest-growing communities, with a 2024 population of 11,744. Currently experiencing an annual growth rate of 4.89%, Middleton’s population has surged by 22.87% since the most recent census. Homes and properties in Middleton are highly sought after due to the low cost of living and convenient commute to Boise. The town is booming with new construction, and home values have appreciated significantly in recent years. Located about 8 miles west of Star on Hwy 44, Middleton is close to the Boise River and approximately 6 miles east of Caldwell, making it a desirable place to live.

Middleton Moving Guide
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Parks, Recreation, and Family Fun

Middleton, Idaho, offers a variety of family-friendly activities, parks, and recreational opportunities. Here are some suggestions:


Middleton Place Park

Amenities: Playground, open green grass, walking path, basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, picnic area. Location for the seasonal Middleton Market.

Foote Park

Amenities: Lots of grass for soccer and baseball, picnic areas, concrete tube slide, walking path, sand volleyball court, water features, shade trees. Location for summer concerts, 4th of July celebration and fireworks, and Harvest Festival.

Roadside Park

Amenities: In town, covered picnic tables, BBQ grills, horseshoes, playground, nearby creek, museum, and library.

Hawthorne Park

Amenities: Play structure, baseball fields, bathrooms, covered picnic area with benches. Location for annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Piccadilly Park

Amenities: In town, splash pad, skate park.

Fun Activities


The Middleton School District, home of the Vikings, is comprised of six schools and serves nearly 4,000 students. The schools are:

Potential Drawbacks

This small town is rapidly growing and undergoing a significant transition. While this brings exciting opportunities, it also presents challenges, particularly with traffic congestion on Hwy 44 during rush hours. Some of the drawbacks include limited roadways, fewer retail and dining options, and concerns about the pace of expansion.

Middleton Moving Guide
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Why Your Family Will Love It Here

Middleton is a charming, small farming town near Boise, perfect for those who appreciate a small-town feel, farms, and great Mexican restaurants. It offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventures, making it ideal for families and nature lovers. With a low cost of living and an easy commute to Boise, Middleton’s real estate market is highly attractive with home values appreciating significantly in recent years, making it a smart investment for homebuyers.

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